The AnyLogic Conference 2023

September 5-6
Nashville, TN, USA

AnyLogic’s annual conference was a great success. Below, you will find all kinds of content from the event.

Industry specialists in simulation demonstrated how AnyLogic is being applied across multiple industries with a huge amount of success.

The program was built with the most innovative AnyLogic users from industry-leading organizations. Take a look at downloadable presentations, videos, and photos.

Thank you to all who attended for making the AnyLogic Conference 2023 so insightful, memorable, and successful. We hope to see you again at our next conference.


Conference Agenda

AnyLogic Conference Host: John Yedinak, Managing Director at The AnyLogic Company — North America
Video Presentation Industry Organization PDF
AnyLogic 8 – Striving for Better Performance in Demanding Simulations Simulation Software The AnyLogic Company
Simulation Driven Solution Methodology Evaluation for Fulfillment Optimization Supply Chain Amazon
Model It Anyway; the Intuitive Solution was Wrong Manufacturing United States Air Force
External model connectivity for digital twins Digital Twin, Manufacturing PwC
Pizza Delivery and Kitchen Simulation Model for Improving Service Delivery F&B Industry, Business Processes Jaco-Ben Consulting
Leveraging a Simulation Model to Provide Insights on Plant Weekly Throughput and Equipment Processing Time Manufacturing Engineering USA
Digital Twin of Picking Operations in the Fulfilment Centres of an Online Supermarket Digital Twin, Warehouse Operations Decision Lab and Migros Online
Catchment Area Simulation. Beneficiary Assignment and PHC Resource Optimization Healthcare Lean
Warehouse Highway Congestion – Microsoft Excel vs AnyLogic Warehouse Operations Noorjax Consulting
Right Sizing ASRS for Streamlined Order Fulfillment, Fashion from the Warehouse to your Feet Warehouse Operations Browns Shoes and SimWell
AnyLogic 9 — The Future of Integrated Simulation Simulation Software The AnyLogic Company
Healthcare Ops Excellence: Build a Simulated Dialysis Clinic Healthcare DaVita
Unlocking the Skies: Empowering Urban Air Mobility through Vertiport Simulation Transportation Archer Aviation
US Sugar Rail Modeling in the Cloud Rail Logistics Crouch Engineering and Mosimtec
Modeling Forced Migration of Refugees Social Processes Department of State and George Mason University
AnyLogic Simulation Ecosystem — New Modeling Capabilities & Optimization Experiment at Scale Simulation Software The AnyLogic Company
Closing the Gap Between Strategic Vision and Smart Execution: Elevate AnyLogic to Tackle CEO's Agenda Topics Best Practices Engineering USA and Porsche Consulting
Healthcare System Modeling: Beyond the Digital Twin Digital Twin, Healthcare Krueger Consulting
Simulation as a Risk Mitigation Tool at Amazon Transportation Yards Transportation Amazon
Using a High-Level Template to Increase Model Development Speed Manufacturing United States Air Force
Making Simulation Modeling Accessible Best Practices Bravo Delta Simulation
Integrating Demand Planning and Production Optimization with SAP Analytics Cloud & AnyLogic Simulation Best Practices ITE Consult
Simulation Model for Network Configuration and Railway Operations in the Rumo S.A.'s Southern Network Rail Logistics Genoa
Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Simulation Models to Enhance Defense Intelligence Agency Capabilities AI, Defense Zolontech
The "Flexible Twin": Ensure Your Models Live, Adapt, Grow and Scale with Your Enterprise Best Practices, Modeling Technique Benjamin Schumann Consulting


AnyLogic 9 — The Future of Integrated Simulation

Dr. Andrei Borshchev, CEO, & Nikolay Churkov, Principal Software Engineer at The AnyLogic Company

Andrei Borshchev

For the last couple of years, we have been talking about AnyLogic 9, showing roadmaps, etc. This time we want to do something different – we want you to have hands-on AnyLogic 9 modeling experience.

During the workshop, you will be building and running a model – all in your browser, of course. You will have a chance to find out what the current state of our (largest so far) development effort is, see how the AnyLogic 9 model editor integrates with AnyLogic Cloud, and compare cloud-based and desktop development environments.

And of course, you will have the option to sit back, relax, and watch other people work. Spoiler: the two most frequent words in the model are Corona™ and Dos Equis™.

The "Flexible Twin": Ensure Your Models Live, Adapt, Grow and Scale with Your Enterprise

Dr. Benjamin Schumann, Simulation Consultant

Dr. Benjamin Schumann

Do you fear the (model) circle of life? You build a model, you use it, and far too soon, it dies. Rinse and repeat. Or maybe, you tried to outsmart this already by re-using some components? But you still find yourself not maintaining these components? Or you built a fantastic model, but now you need 200 of those?

In this workshop, Ben will introduce a baseline manufacturing model that you can use as a starting point for 90% of manufacturing problems.

Following Ben’s tips, you will learn how to design enterprise simulations for any application area, ensuring that they stay alive, adapt themselves, and grow with your business.

We will explore:

  • how it can be applied at any level of detail via extensibility
  • How it can adapt to changes in reality without adjustments
  • And how it can scale in the cloud to any number of applications at any level of detail.

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